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The Nihilism of Moderation

When the survival of the planet is at stake, calls for moderation and compromise aren’t a mark of adult politics — they’re a threat to civilization.

Spain Against Itself

On the 40th anniversary of Spain's post-dictatorship constitution, the center is wracked by crisis, the far right is on the rise, and tensions over Catalonia continue to rise.

The Long Transition

Four decades since the passing of Spain's democratic Constitution, the "regime of '78" is sharply criticized by the Left and the Catalan independence movements. Yet former prime minister Felipe González still defends it.

The Death of a Class

Italy's illustrious Marxist filmmaker Bernardo Bertolucci died last week. His films explored the death of the bourgeoisie; his legacy points us to the death of the chauvinist male auteur.

First as Farce, Then as Tragedy

Donald Trump wants to destroy the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship. But before he sought to eliminate it outright, his elite predecessors mangled, misread, and misused the amendment in the service of capital.