Liberalism is Dead

Liberals and Diversity

Mar 14

  • Matt Bruenig

Liberal commentators believe that you can have diversity or economic justice, but you can’t have both. They're wrong.

Questioning October

Aug 26

  • Lars T. Lih

Lenin and the debates that shaped the Russian Revolution have been misunderstood by friends and foes alike.


Aug 26

  • Paul Le Blanc

A review of Lars Lih's Lenin

Rosa's Mail

Aug 26

  • Kaye Cain-Nielsen

Reading The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg one sometimes feels like a voyeur. Tender love notes are mixed in with daily triumphs and tragedies, accounts of visits with friends, what was had for breakfast, nervous missives to one lover written while hiding from another, romantic longings, and multiple self-deprecating jokes about her small stature and ungainly looks.