Misery Index

From Bandung to BRICs

Oct 31

Vijay Prashad’s Poorer Nations asks whether the Global South can pose a credible alternative to neoliberal development.

Back to the Fragments

Oct 20

A socialist-feminist classic appeared just as Thatcherism began pulverizing the Left. Today, should it be read as historical document or a blueprint for action?

Don’t Mention the War

Sep 03

With a vacuous social vision, economics confronts the “return of the social question” woefully unprepared.

The Myth of the Hardhat Hawk

Sep 02

In the popular imagination, opposition to the Vietnam War was driven largely by the privileged, while supposedly reactionary blue-collar workers supported the war effort. That memory is wrong.

Property and Theft

Sep 01

The overthrow of all intellectual property leaves unanswered the question of how to control the exploitation of the cultural commons by digital capitalists.

Beyond Windsor

Sep 01

Queer theory fought the marriage equality movement and lost. What comes next will require scholars to come out of their journals and into the streets.

Outside the New China

Sep 01

The exploitative relationship between city and countryside pervades Chinese life. Nowhere is inequality in access to public goods clearer than in the country’s urban education system.

She Came to Riot

Sep 01

The memory of riot grrrl deepens the divide between cultural and material feminism, hobbling critiques of inequality by mistaking self-improvement for revolution.

Against Tipping

Sep 01

So long as the karmic tip jar clouds our perceptions, the insane injustice of an underpaid labor force reimbursed through only the guilty feelings of their coworkers will persist.

Silent Majority Music

Sep 01

  • Gavin Mueller

To put it most unkindly, trap music is adult contemporary for the prosumer age.

Degendering Value

Sep 01

Gendered conceptions of credit and reward are written into the structures of intellectual property law.

Locked Out

Sep 01

With roots in the laws of seventeenth and eighteenth-century England, intellectual property protections go back to the beginnings of capitalism itself.