A World to Win

Power Play

Jun 01

We need to get down to the work of building a radical civil society.

The New Protest Era

Jun 01

We are at the beginning of a new period of mass protests that will reshape American politics.

A Red with an FBI Badge

Jun 01

  • Peter Berard

On reactionary novelist James Ellroy and his Underworld USA trilogy’s surprising treatment of communism and anticommunism.

Change the People

Jun 01

  • Alexander Billet

A recent book on musician Fred Ho reveals some starting points for a modern radical avant-garde.

Reading Jhumpa Lahiri Politically

Jun 01

Jhumpa Lahiri’s failure in The Lowland is not one of style, but of sensibility. She has little investment in the spirit of the Naxalite movement she chooses to depict.

Bad Science

Jun 01

Free-market academic research policies have unleashed medical quackery and scientific fraud, forcing consumers to pay premiums for discoveries we’ve already funded as taxpayers.

No Shortcuts

Jun 01

The need to develop a strategy that can cohere the different parts of our movement has never been clearer.

Waiting for SCOTUS

Jun 01

By fixating on the Supreme Court, liberals have inherited the framers’ skepticism of popular sovereignty and mass politics.

Occupy After Occupy

Jun 01

Its critics may disagree, but Occupy Wall Street’s legacy has been an enduring one.

Crocodile Tears of the Wolf

Feb 28

The Wolf of Wall Street's eleventh hour Hail Mary doesn't atone for the rest of the film's gleeful celebration of rich assholes.