Uneven and Combined

Uneven and Combined

Dec 30

  • Nicole M. Aschoff

If we want people-centered development in the Global South, it will have to be led by strong left movements.

The New Scramble for Africa

Dec 28

  • Pádraig Carmody

The BRICS powers aren’t anti-colonial counterweights. They’re looking for new markets and resources for their corporations, just like Western countries.

China Fantasies

Dec 10

  • Ho-fung Hung

Illusions on both the Left and Right about China miss how the contradictions of capitalism are shaping that country’s development.

With Strings Attached

Nov 24

  • Melisa Handl
  • Susan Spronk

Latin America’s conditional cash transfer programs don’t offer a real answer to poverty and inequity.

The Power of a Dollar

Nov 11

  • Milford Bateman

Microcredit is nothing more than a socially validated way for financial elites to exploit the poor.

The Philanthropy Hustle

Nov 10

  • Linsey McGoey

Global North or South, private foundations are part of the problem, not the solution.

Development From Below

Nov 10

  • Vivek Chibber

Capitalists are interested in profit, not development. Only workers can empower the Global South.