Landlords were so greedy after enclosure that the Church of England felt obliged to reprimand them with a prayer:
“The earth is thine, O Lord, and all that is contained therein. We heartily pray thee to send thy holy spirit into the hearts of those that possess the grounds, pastures and dwelling places of the earth, that they, remembering themselves to be thy tenants, may not rack or stretch out the rents of their houses or lands; not yet take unreasonable fines and incomes, after the manner of covetous worldlings; but, so let them out to others that the inhabitants thereof may be able both to pay their rents, and also honestly to live, to nourish their family and to relieve the poor.”

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Front Matters

front matters

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Friends & Foes

Mayor Pete’s War on the Homeless

Luke Savage

Pete Buttigieg is a charming man who speaks some Norwegian and wears wool socks. He also oversaw a wave of evictions and waged a campaign against South Bend’s homeless.

Struggle Session

The Housing Question

A Conversation with Andrea Chiriboga-Flor, Derrick O’Keefe, Ray Valentine, and Cea Weaver.

We talked to four tenant organizers about how to build working-class movements for housing justice.

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The Joys of Home Buying

In case you’ve never tried to buy a home, I should warn you: if you’re not affluent, you’re heading into a world of pain.

by Eileen Jones

Means of Deduction

Means of Deduction

And yet there is a great deal of money made here.

Vulgar Empiricist

How to Solve the Housing Problem

Ryan Cooper & Peter Gowan

The size of the housing crisis can be daunting, but with a committed political movement and a little bit of state power, it can be confronted.

Uneven & Combined

Universal Rent Control Now

Amee Chew & Katie Goldstein

Ignore the neoliberal naysayers; rent control can be an important tool in our battle for housing justice.

Reading Materiel

Reading Materiel

Socialist CliffsNotes.

Canon Fodder

What You Should Read

Cyrus Lewis & Karen Narefsky

You’ll need to lug all these books with you every time you move in search of a cheaper apartment.


The Lingo

This list won’t make your city any kinder, but it might help you crack its code.

we need a green new deal for housing

Daniel Aldana Cohen

What would a bold left-wing housing plan look like? Let’s build ten million new, public, no-carbon homes in ten years and guarantee housing for all.

Illustration by Joanna Neborsky

The Zone Defense

Samuel Stein

What we need isn’t exclusionary zoning, inclusionary zoning, upzoning, downzoning, a zoning freeze, or no zoning at all. We need an anticapitalist planning movement.

Cultural Front

Cultural Capital

Antonio Gramsci died for
our sins — and so you could misquote him.

The Unmaking of the British Working Class

Illustration by Ariel Davis

Margaret Thatcher described Right to Buy as “one of the most important revolutions of the century.” She was right. And we‘re still living with the consequences.

Laurie Macfarlane

The Homeownership Trap


Illustration by Nelson Gonçalves

Millions have already faced the dark side of the American Dream. Is there a way to stabilize and democratize homeownership?


The Tumbrel

The landlord is a rational miser.

The Worst Estate

The Private Equity Press

Dawn Foster

We should demand a media that covers the lives and struggles of working people — homeless, on the verge of eviction, trying to hang on. And not the glamorous lives of property speculators.


The Zombie-Investor Apocalypse

Branko Marcetic

There’s no use in asking why vacant housing and homelessness exist despite the presence of the super-wealthy. These issues exist directly because of them.



The magazine is not “abolished,” it withers away.

Popular Front

The Cooperative Option

By Jerónimo A. Díaz Marielle & Diana X. Bell Sancho

Mutual aid cooperatives in Latin America give us a glimpse of what democratic social housing could look like.

The Dustbin

We Once Had the Answers

Petter Nilsson

Sweden’s social democrats managed to solve a housing crisis and build a million homes in less than a decade. Why, then, is the Miljonprogrammet maligned today?

The Dustbin

Going Up the Country

Jonah Walters

The New Left and the “back-to-the-land” movement.