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  • Issue 28

The Health of Nations

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Cover Art by Michael DeForge
That is why all improvers of our situation who merely concentrate on health are so petit-bourgeois and odd, the raw fruit and vegetable brigade, the passionate herbivores, or even those who practice special breathing techniques. All this is a mockery compared with solid misery, compared with diseases which are produced not by weak flesh but by powerful hunger, not by faulty breathing but by dust, smoke, and lead. Of course there are people who breathe correctly, who combine a pleasant self-assurance with well-ventilated lungs and an upright torso which is flexible to a ripe old age. But it remains a prerequisite that these people have money; which is more beneficial for a stooped posture than the art of breathing.
— Ernst Bloch, The Principle of Hope
Front Matters

Front Matters

Shake Well Before Serving

Summoning the Future

Ronan Burtenshaw

The story of the British National Health Service, one of the twentieth century’s great working-class achievements.

Means of Deduction

Means of Deduction

We Got More Graphs Than Ezra Klein


A Century of Neglect (print/pdf only)

One hundred years of dysfunctional health care policy in the richest country on Earth.

The Vulgar Empiricist

Better Red Than Dead (print/pdf only)

Despite poverty and blockade, Cuba has triumphed where the US has failed in health care.

Uneven & Combined

The Will to Mend (print/pdf only)

What if the United States had an internationalist medical program like Cuba?

Reading Materiel

Reading Materiel

Jacobin Is a Powerful Tool for Healing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit to Achieve Wholeness, Harmony, and Purpose


Play to Live (print/pdf only)

cost-sharing (cost-shar·ing)
The amount of costs insurance companies “share” with you (i.e., make you pay), to ensure that you have “skin in the game.”

Canon Fodder

The Private Option

Meagan Day

A growing industry has a simple message to the victims of the US medical system — heal thyself.

How Single Payer Could Fail

Steffie Woolhandler and David U. Himmelstein

We can’t stop halfway on the road to single payer.

Do We Need Pfizer?

Adam Gaffney

A plan to take on Big Pharma — and create and distribute lifesaving drugs.

Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

Eileen Jones for President

Beyond a Boundary

Is It Okay to Watch Football?

Dave Zirin

That’s an individual choice. But imposing boycotts from the outside isn’t how politics works.

Model Consumers

Natalie Shure

Obamacare tried to fix the health system one consumer choice at a time. No wonder it failed.

The Tumbrel

The Tumbrel

Negativity: Bad for Your Health, Good for the Soul


Rich People Kill Themselves

Meagan Day

Today, the rich have access to the finest medical treatments backed up by the most rigorous science. Some of them decide to take mushroom elixirs instead.



Don’t Forget Your Copay

The Dustbin

How to Kill a Bill

Jonah Walters

Inside the secret war of America’s most effective assassins: Harry and Louise.

Popular Front

The Unions and the Movement

Sean Petty

Through organizing around Medicare for All, unions can not only save millions of Americans, they can save themselves.

Popular Front

A Permanent Infrastructure

Michael Lighty

The demand for Medicare for All should become a litmus test for elected officials.