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The Rise of Community Control

The New York Board of Education and teachers unions' refusal to fight racism in public education was responsible for the 1968 Ocean Hill-Brownsville crisis, not Black Power.

Quebec’s No Good, Terrible Election Campaign

Quebec has no shortage of urgent issues: housing, deep cuts to public services, crumbling schools, inequality. But in the province's forthcoming elections, parties are taking up xenophobia and Islamophobia instead.

We’re On a Winning Streak

Julia Salazar won her New York State Senate race last night. Her campaign, and those that lost, show what the Democratic Party will throw at left candidates — and how we can beat them.

Deeper Into the Dark

On Sunday, the far right had its best ever result in Sweden. And they're pushing the rest of the political spectrum to capitulate to their agenda.

Richard DeVos, Great American Scam Artist

Right-wing billionaire Richard DeVos, who died at ninety-two last week, tried to cover up his life’s record — pioneering the cruel pyramid scheme Amway, attacking organized labor, fighting LGBTQ equality — with philanthropy. But he should be remembered as a bigoted con artist.