A True Story of the Future

Futura Passata by Alfatype
Cover Art by Benedikt Rugar
It should be remembered that the political education of Social Democracy, before the Revolution, was in one respect materially deficient. We had learned how to be an opposition. We had to take over Government, and that in the fullest sense; in industry, in the localities, in the State. The task had been studied, it is true, but theoretically, from the outside. We are only now beginning to see it from within. Our previous studies have proved anything but superfluous; indeed, they have been our best guides. But they are insufficient.
— Karl Kautsky, “Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Germany” (1924)

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Front Matters

Front Matters

Forward Ever, Backward Never

Struggle Session

Don’t Call It a Comeback


As 2020 approaches, Jacobin indulges in some crass Sunday morning horse race punditry.

Friends & Foes

You Can Have Brandeis or You Can Have Debs

Shawn Gude

Elizabeth Warren’s political tradition is the left edge of middle-class liberalism; Bernie Sanders hails from America’s socialist tradition. Don’t confuse the two.

Illustration by Kiki Ljung

The State We Need

Socialists throughout history have understood that holding office is not the same thing as winning power. Working people can only entrench their victories through a fight to change the state itself.

Illustration by Viktor Hachmang

by David Broder

Means of Deduction

Means of Deduction

The great corporation which employed you lied to you

Vulgar Empiricist

Socialism Is for the Children

Matt Bruenig

Raising kids should be a joy. But in the United States today it often means poverty and stress.

Uneven & Combined

Solving Poverty Is Simple

Matt Bruenig

Corporations are making record profits. That’s money we could use to lift millions out of misery.

Reading Materiel

Reading Materiel

One may become a demagogue out of sheer political innocence

Canon Fodder

What Is Europe?

Richard Seymour

Europe Since 1989 is a book about neoliberalism in Europe written by someone who doesn’t know what neoliberalism is, and hasn’t really paid much attention to Europe.

Canon Fodder

In His Own Words

Bernie Sanders

Here's Bernie Sanders in his own words — from denunciations of US militarism to his prediction that “within a decade, Mississippi could become one of the most progressive states in the country.”

Field Notes

When Social Democracy Radicalized

A CIA report from November 1967 reveals the agency’s deep fear of Swedish social democracy, and its rising star Olof Palme.

Wielding the Imperial Presidency

Illustration by Benedikt Rugar

Within the Existing Constitutional Framework, What Could A Future Left-Wing President Do If They Had a Popular Mandate, but Faced a Hostile Congress?

by Meagan Day

A Plan to Win Socialism in America

by Peter Gowan

The Welfare State Isn’t Enough. A Sanders Government Needs to Pursue Policies that Diminish the Power of Capital and Radically Democratize the Economy.

Illustration by Marco Miccichè

Winning Democracy in America

by Kalewold H. Kalewold

Forget socialist democracy; by virtue of its Constitution, the United States barely has political democracy. If we take expanding democracy seriously — and if we want to implement sweeping social reforms — we need some serious changes.

Cultural Front

Cultural Capital

All Art is Propaganda

Red Channels

The Man Who Shot America in the Face

Eileen Jones

Vice reminds us of the hell Dick Cheney wrought, with help from a rogue’s gallery of perps, hacks, creeps, and fall guys.

Ways of Seeing

Our Very Own Albert Speer

Owen Hatherley

The architect Philip Johnson had some good qualities. He was also talentless, a fascist, and a liar.

Ways of Seeing

The Real Life of Social Realism

Ben Davis

The communist Charles White created images of dignity to portray America’s working class. Now, forty years after his death, his art is back in the mainstream.

Love Letter III (1977)

Color lithograph. 30 1/16 x 22 5/8" (76.3 x 57.4 cm). The Art Institute of Chicago. Margaret Fisher Fund. © The Charles White Archives / © The Art Institute of Chicago.

Modern Monetary Theory Isn't Helping

      ___           ___
     /\  \         /\  \
    |::\  \       |::\  \         ___
    |:|:\  \      |:|:\  \       /\__\
  __|:|\:\  \   __|:|\:\  \     /:/  /
 /::::|_\:\__\ /::::|_\:\__\   /:/__/
 \:\~~\  \/__/ \:\~~\  \/__/  /::\  \
  \:\  \        \:\  \       /:/\:\  \
   \:\  \        \:\  \      \/__\:\  \
    \:\__\        \:\__\          \:\__\
     \/__/         \/__/           \/__/

MMT is billed by its advocates as a radical new way to understand money and debt. But it’ll take more than a few keystrokes to change the economy.

Doug Henwood


The Tumbrel

It’s difficult for someone to understand Something when their salAry depeNds on not understanding it

The Worst Estate

Propagandists of Privilege

Dawn Foster

Corbyn’s experience is proof: if the media won’t give the Left a fair hearing, they can be circumvented.


Where Are They Now?

We went looking for our favorite Obama and Clinton campaign alums. We found them in corporate America.


The Hater Class

Liza Featherstone

As long as the upper middle class exists, it’s going to be at best ambivalent about our program.


The Whitlam Coup

Branko Marcetic

In 1975, the Queen’s loyal representative, governor-general John Kerr, decided he’d had enough of Australian social democracy.



I’m gonna stay right here and fight for this lost cause