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A New Extreme Center in Croatia

Western liberal outlets acclaimed Social Democrat Zoran Milanović’s election as a victory for a “leftist” presidential candidate. But his campaign was mainly aimed at scooping up conservative votes — as all Croatian politics shift toward the radical right.

Stop Writing Communist Women Out of History

Liberal feminists often paint the fight for women’s liberation in Eastern Europe as a matter of “catching up with the West.” But presenting feminism as new to the region silences the battles waged by communist women after 1945 — and their victories over conservatives in both the Church and their own parties.

Bernie Sanders Can Exploit Donald Trump’s Weaknesses

Donald Trump has broken promises to leave Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid alone. This basic dishonesty leaves him vulnerable to attack — but only by Bernie Sanders, because Sanders has the longest and strongest record defending the exact programs Trump wants to cut.

The Emancipatory Past and Future of Black Politics

Our conceptions of black politics today are often monolithic and juxtaposed as separate from or even against democratic-socialist politics. But 75 years ago, black leaders and activists shared a broad consensus around the importance of the labor movement and multiracial class organizing for black liberation.

Keeping India’s Universities for the Rich

New Delhi’s JNU was the scene of violence this month as masked men assaulted students protesting a fee hike. After years of attacks on affirmative action and education spending, the nationalist right is trying to shut off the universities to all but the wealthiest Indians.