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Freedom of Speech for Palestine Solidarity Activists

Defenders of Israel’s human rights abuses frequently attack critics for supposedly suppressing freedom of speech. But as the recent controversy at Williams College shows, it’s Palestine solidarity activists who face the highest risks when they speak out.

How Finance Exploits Us

The new era of financial capitalism, with its explosion of household debt and its dependence on complex derivatives, has caused fundamental changes in the way capital exploits labor.

The Welfare State They Were In

Belle and Sebastian are performing If You're Feeling Sinister at today’s Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. The album seems like a soundtrack of breezy lives unencumbered by the troubles of the world. But it's a direct product of Scotland’s welfare state.

Emmanuel Macron Wants to Set Space on Fire

The 1960s space race prompted international treaties insisting that space travel should only be used for peaceful purposes. Today, Emmanuel Macron’s plans to put military hardware in space point to a dangerous new arms race.