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Karl Marx and the Corporation

More than 150 years ago, when the corporation as we know it today was still new, Marx saw in it both the essence of capitalism and a prefiguration of socialism: “The abolition of the capitalist mode of production within the capitalist mode of production itself.”

Workers at Four Pittsburgh Museums Are Unionizing

More than a century after the landmark Homestead strike against Andrew Carnegie’s steel empire, workers at four Pittsburgh museums — including three founded by Carnegie — are unionizing with the United Steelworkers. It’s the latest episode in a nationwide wave of museum organizing.

It’s Time for Mexico to Tax the Rich

Mexico is one of the most unequal countries in the world, with a caste of superrich lording over a mass of urban and rural poor barely surviving. Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s transfer programs have gone some way toward distributing wealth, but much more needs to be done.

Eugene Debs’s Independence Day Address

On July 4, 1901, socialist luminary and labor agitator Eugene V. Debs proclaimed in a fiery speech: "I like the Fourth of July. It breathes a spirit of revolution." We reprint the fiercely anticapitalist address here in full.