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Right-Wing Social Democrats for Coal

The Australian Labor Party’s right wing has a new faction, the “Otis Group,” that uses the language of jobs and economic prosperity to pit working-class interests against the fight to stop global warming. It’s a cynical strategy that won’t pay off — and will continue cooking the planet in the meantime.

Michael Bloomberg’s Threat to Democracy Cannot Be Exaggerated

By next month, Mike Bloomberg will likely have spent more money than the entire Hillary Clinton campaign spent through Election Day — and hers was the most expensive in history. If he isn’t stopped now, Bloomberg will permanently change US politics in profound and frightening ways.

Call: Send Us Your Health Care Horror Stories

Jacobin is launching a column that showcases how health care in the United States affects the lives of ordinary Americans. We are asking for personal essays on your experience with health care — whether as a patient, a loved one, a doctor, or a nurse.

Michael Bloomberg Isn’t Going Anywhere

As badly as Michael Bloomberg performed in his first debate last night — and he was gloriously bad — he’s not going anywhere. Even if he doesn’t get a nomination, his billions will be a massive weapon for Bernie Sanders opponents within and outside the Democratic Party.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele Is Flirting With Fascism

Nayib Bukele has worked hard during his presidency to cultivate an image as a Silicon Valley–style disrupter fighting corruption. But his recent use of the Salvadoran military to physically occupy the national legislature shows he's unafraid to use authoritarian tactics reminiscent of the country's brutal right-wing dictatorship.