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A Democratic Virus

As the coronavirus sweeps the world, harsh restrictions abound abroad and fecklessness prevails at home. And democracy is becoming just another casualty.

Building Picket Lines When We Can’t Stand Together

The wave of strikes demanding better workplace protections shows labor’s impressive resilience faced with the COVID-19 crisis. Social distancing and the rise of homeworking are blocking off many traditional forms of collective action — but also bringing about new ways of pressuring employers.

Socialists, Stay in the Labour Party

Recent developments in the Labour Party have many socialists wondering if they should give up on the party for good. That would be a disaster. Leftists should stay in the party and focus on building power at the local level.

Weekends With Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks

This Saturday at 1 PM Eastern, we’re debuting a live YouTube show, “Weekends,” hosted by Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks. Liberals are hypocrites, conservatives are cruel, but we have an alternative.

Socialize Big Pharma Today. Save Your Life Tomorrow.

Deaths from antibiotic resistance will hit 10 million a year by 2050. But despite recent breakthroughs using artificial intelligence to discover antibiotics, the private sector doesn’t find it profitable enough to make new and better antibiotics. We’re all going to suffer unless the pharmaceutical sector is socialized.

Voters Won’t Risk Their Lives for Joe Biden

In 2020, faced with a raging pandemic on one hand and the hopeless politics of a Democratic Party that kneecapped Bernie Sanders and propped up Joe Biden on the other, voters will probably, like they did in 2016, choose to stay at home.

Bernie Asked Us Which Side We’re On

Once you’ve realized society doesn’t have to be this way, that the exploitation you’ve experienced or witnessed isn't inevitable, you can't go back to thinking otherwise — the genie is out of the bottle. After Bernie Sanders's campaigns, millions of Americans won't go back.

Bernie Supporters, Don’t Give Up

The big story of the Bernie Sanders campaign is not that he lost the race, but that he came so close to winning — and that we fundamentally transformed US politics in the process.