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Donald Trump Endorsed Right-Wing Violence During the Debate

President Trump failed to condemn white-supremacist organizations, even telling the Proud Boys to “stand by” as if they were under his command, then refused to promise that he would encourage his supporters to refrain from political violence in November. His rhetoric is growing more and more dangerous.

Trump’s “Deterrence” Strategy Targeting Black Voters Doesn’t Have to Work

In both his campaigns, Trump has run ads aimed at killing black voters’ enthusiasm for the Democratic nominee and lowering their turnout. The strategy is craven, but the ads exploit real disillusionment. Without a sharp break from their history of failing black constituents, Democrats will remain vulnerable to such opportunistic gambits in the future.

Our Tax System Allows and Encourages Massive Rip-Offs Like Trump’s

It’s tempting to turn the new reporting on Donald Trump’s tax shenanigans, paying only $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017, into a story about Trump as a singular villain. He’s despicable, but he could only get away with it because we live under a system that allows the wealthy to rip off $266 billion from the country every single year.

The First International Is Still Relevant Today

The International Working Men’s Association was launched in London on this day in 1864. As the “First International,” it cemented class solidarity across countries as a shared ideal and inspired large numbers to organize against capitalist exploitation.

Amy Coney Barrett Worked on Bush v. Gore

Donald Trump says he expects the Supreme Court to decide the 2020 election, as it did in Bush v. Gore. If Amy Coney Barrett is confirmed, the court will have three justices who worked directly on the case that undemocratically determined the 2000 election.