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In Lenín Moreno’s Ecuador, Democracy Is in Danger

Following last year's popular revolt against IMF-backed reforms, Ecuador's neoliberal president Lenín Moreno has systematically pushed phony judicial processes to suppress opposition at the ballot box. The ban on leftist Rafael Correa's candidacy makes a mockery of the 2021 election — and raises worrying questions over the future of democracy in Ecuador.

How 1968 Marked a Shift for Rossana Rossanda’s Radical Politics

Sunday saw the passing of Rossana Rossanda, a lifelong communist, anti-fascist partisan, and cofounder of il manifesto newspaper. In this extract from her memoirs, she explains how the upheavals of 1968 marked a radical shift in her political engagement, as both the Prague Spring, and worker and student revolts in Italy drove an enduring split in Communist Party ranks.

There’s No Such Thing as a Good Debtor

In the US, consumer debt is presented as a crucial rung on the ladder to a better life, a pathway to homeownership, and a good job. But most people never dig themselves out of debt, and the myth of the “good” debtor only conceals the crime of treating health care, shelter, and education as profit centers.

Capitalism Isn’t About Freedom. It’s About Subjugation.

Let's say we accept capitalism's defenders' claims that their system created mass economic growth and pulled countless people out of poverty. Even if that's true, we have clearly reached a point in human development where we can rid ourselves of capitalism's relations of hierarchy and domination — without inviting immiseration.