Beyond November

Nov 05

  • Michael Hirsch
  • Jason Schulman

Thoughts on politics, social movements, and the 2012 elections.

Sarah Lawrence, With Guns

Aug 28

  • Anthony Galluzzo

We asked a former West Point professor about teaching literature at the nation’s most prestigious military academy. What he told us revealed the truth behind the country’s most elite warrior caste — and how liberal heroes like Thoreau and the Beats inspire the next generation of “Runaway Generals.”

Gimme the Loot

Aug 28

  • Gavin Mueller

From Blackbeard to Kim Dotcom, has piracy been a radical force?

American Jacobins

Aug 28

  • Seth Ackerman

Why has the American left neglected this revolutionary inheritance?

Eating for Change

Aug 28

  • Claire E. Peters

When it comes to reforming our food system, consumer choice isn’t enough.

Terror Verde

Aug 28

  • Belén Fernández

Of far more legitimate concern than the impending subversion of world order by greenwashed commie terrorists is, of course, that the fabrication of such threats contributes to a blanket delegitimization of environmental activism.

Lincoln and Marx

Aug 28

  • Robin Blackburn

The transatlantic convergence of two revolutionaries.

Designing Culture

Aug 27

  • Colin McSwiggen

Design plays a central role in cultural reproduction. This isn’t necessarily a good thing, for anyone.

Happy Hookers

Aug 27

  • Melissa Gira Grant

Sex workers and their would-be saviors.

Debt: The First 500 Pages

Aug 27

  • Mike Beggs

We need more grand histories. But 5,000 years of anecdotes is no substitute for real political economy.

A Note to Our Readers

Aug 27

  • Bhaskar Sunkara

Jacobin’s existence is more precarious than publications with less reach than us.

Dance Dance Revolution

Aug 09

  • Audrea Lim

Communal celebration has deep roots in human culture. Why shouldn’t the Left embrace it?

Two Hurricanes

Aug 09

  • Alex Gourevitch

Why environmentalists’ fear of bigness dooms the developing world.

Fairer Sex

Aug 04

  • Sarah Leonard

Let us borrow a definition from bell hooks: feminism is the struggle to end sexist oppression.

China in Revolt

Aug 01

  • Eli Friedman

Few in the West are aware of the drama unfolding in today’s “epicenter of global labor unrest.” A scholar of China exposes its tumultuous labor politics and their lessons for the Left.