Cover by Edward Carvalho-Monaghan

Journey to the Dark Side

Losing West Virginia

Mar 06

  • Cathy Kunkel

Few states better illustrate the contradictions and failures of the Democratic Party than West Virginia.

Paleocons for Porn

Feb 22

  • Angela Nagle

The new online right draws on transgressive aesthetics to rebrand conservative politics. It’s a contradiction that won’t hold.

What Nate Missed

Feb 10

  • Susan Kang

It wasn’t just bad math that led us to believe Trump would be defeated. It was a lack of political vision.

Kiss the Ring

Feb 10

  • Brendan James

After months of denouncing Trump, the rich and powerful realize they could use some Donald in their life after all.

False Answers

Feb 10

  • Alex Press

The Clinton establishment has every interest in obscuring why they really lost in November.

The Trump Way

Feb 10

  • Leo Panitch

What kind of economic agenda does Trump have in store for workers?

Now What?

Feb 10

  • Editors

We must organize around ideas that give people something to fight for, not just something to fight against.