Summer 2017

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Issue 26

Earth, Wind, & Fire

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Cover Art by Kiki Ljung


Letters + The Internet Speaks (print/pdf only)

“I want journals like Jacobin to exist, I just don't want the ones that exist to be Jacobin
— Julia Golden, Lewiston, ID
“jacobin is actually soCIAlism”
— Ralph Singh, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Struggle Session

Neoliberals With Wind Farms

A conversation with Marcel Andreu, Gareth Dale, and Sarah Nagel

A few decades ago Europe's Green Parties inspired hope. Today, not so much.

Friends & Foes

Victory Over the Sun

Connor Kilpatrick

Postwar America's greatest environmentalist was a labor leader.

Illustration by Rob Pybus

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Trish Kahle

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's life is intimately tied to US energy policy and all the social devastation that comes with it.

Digging Free of Poverty

Thea Riofrancos

In Ecuador, the Left is torn between urgent development needs and the costs of natural resource extraction.

The Vulgar Empiricist

Everybody’s Favorite Law (print/pdf only)

Cap and Trade programs have proliferated, but global emissions continue to climb.

Uneven and Combined

Make It Happen (print/pdf only)

A transition to clean energy doesn't have to come at workers’ expense.

Illustrations by Marco Miccichè

Field Notes

Signed, Sealed, Undelivered (print/pdf only)

Jonah Walters

Everybody loves a good treaty.

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

Living, Not Just Surviving

Alyssa Battistoni

Working-class movements must place social and ecological reproduction at the heart of their vision of the future.

By Any Means Necessary

Peter Frase

We need a comprehensive vision of ecological reconstruction — and that means having geoengineering as part of our vision.

The Last Stimulus

Daniel Aldana Cohen

We shouldn’t ask whether we must get out of capitalism so that humans can survive. We must ask how and when.

Ways of Seeing

Green Islands

Owen Hatherley

Eco-socialism in one city or gated communities?

Bass & Superstructure

Bono Kills the Planet

Alexander Billet

Rock concerts can’t stop the ice sheets from melting.


Bill Gates Won’t Save Us

Ben Tarnoff

When it comes to green technology, only the state can do what Silicon Valley cannot.


Beware Your Local Food Cooperative

Jonah Walters

Produce is serious business. A history of the co-op wars.

“Co-op War” Factions Face Off Outside Mill City Foods, Minneapolis, 1976 — Minnesota Historical Society
“Stay cool. Get fans or whatever.
And the poor, they need emergency
fans and ice to cool down.”
— Pat Robertson

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