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  • Spring 2021

The Ruling Class


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Ban Private Beaches

There are few summertime activities more essential than trips to the beach. But huge swaths of waterfront throughout the country are private property, off-limits to the public. This is a crime: all beaches should be public.

The Ku Klux Klan Was Also a Bosses’ Association

The KKK should be understood not just as a white supremacist organization, but as an employers’ organization: it violently resisted the revolutionary gains of the Civil War and Reconstruction, and sought to keep the black masses toiling in submission.

NYC-DSA Still Has Plenty of Openings to Seize

After electoral breakthroughs in the 2020 state legislative elections, New York City’s Democratic Socialists of America have had a disappointing 2021 so far. But the prospect of more major DSA upsets in the near future keeps getting brighter.

Bob Moses (1935–2021)

Legendary civil rights champion Bob Moses died over the weekend at age eighty-six. He was a brilliant organizer who believed deeply in the capacity of ordinary people to change the world.