Class Politics in America Is Far From Dead

A venerable theory about people’s political values is making a comeback: the theory of “postmaterialism.” But despite what you may have heard, the theory doesn’t say class politics is doomed in rich countries — and neither did the scholar who created it.

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  • Summer 2021

The Working Class

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We Built the Golden Age

The culture of British trade union militancy in auto plants like Austin Longbridge wasn’t the “natural” result of a Golden Age of capitalism — it came from organizing.


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Jacobin chatted with former R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe about why he backed Bernie Sanders, his longtime support for progressive causes including South African anti-apartheid organizing, and why the B-52s are “fucking amazing.”

No, Japan Should Not Remilitarize

Washington’s push to rebuild Japan’s military, disbanded after World War II, is incredibly dangerous. Not only would remilitarization stoke conflict in the region, it would also embolden the growing Japanese far right.