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  • Fall 2018

Breaking Bank

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Can the Yellow Vests Speak?

France’s elites were quick to condemn the gilets jaunes protesters as stupid and backward. But as novelist Édouard Louis writes, they’re just standing up for their rights.


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51 Percent Losers

The midterms have given the Democratic Party a boost. But their professional-class politics are a cul de sac — we desperately need a political revolution driven by the needs and aspirations of the multiracial working class.

Fighting for the Right to Heal

In 2016, 14 health workers tried to help civilians trapped in Turkey’s besieged town of Cizre. Today, Erdogan’s government wants to jail them for this act.

Corporate Science and Designer Babies

For the first time in human history, we have the tools to reprogram life itself. That could be a recipe for dystopia — unless we create a scientific commons that values the public good over private profit.

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