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Micah Uetricht is the deputy editor of Jacobin and host of Jacobin Radio's podcast The Vast Majority. He is the author of Strike for America: Chicago Teachers Against Austerity and coauthor of Bigger than Bernie: How We Go from the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism.

Journalism Is in Crisis. Only Public Funding Can Save It.

For the Left, it’s easy to hate the media, with its entrenched centrist biases and loyalty to the status quo. But a world without high-quality news is a world where meaningful democracy is impossible. That’s the message of media scholar Victor Pickard, who argues for a transformation of our media system away from the model of commercial news and toward a “public option.”

Mark Rudd’s Lessons From SDS and the Weather Underground for Today’s Radicals

Mark Rudd was Columbia’s Students for a Democratic Society chapter president in 1968, when the university erupted in protest against the Vietnam War and racism. He then cofounded the Weather Underground. In an interview with Jacobin, he reflects on what radicals like him got right and got wrong, and what today’s socialists should learn from his experiences.

Why the Arab Spring Failed

As inspiring as the Arab Spring uprisings of the early 2010s were, they failed to democratize the Middle East. The primary cause had little to do with the region’s cultural or religious characteristics and everything to do with the profound weakening of the Middle East’s working-class power under neoliberalism.

How the Antislavery Movement Ignited a Political Revolution

The antislavery movement of the mid-nineteenth century fused moral appeals against the sin of slavery with demands that spoke to the material interests of ordinary Northerners. Matt Karp, author of “The Mass Politics of Antislavery,” explains how that movement led to emancipation — and what lessons it offers to those trying to forge a political revolution today.

“It’s About Giving People Real Economic Freedom”

Cathy Kunkel is an energy analyst, environmental and community activist, and member of the Democratic Socialists of America running for Congress in West Virginia’s second district. She explains her history of organizing and argues that “red-state” voters will get on board with an agenda that includes Medicare for All and a just transition for fossil fuel workers.