Socialism In Our Time

We reach hundreds of thousands — we need socialist media that reaches hundreds of millions.

Illustration by Emily Haasch

The legacy of 1968 has been used to sell just about everything — from Ikea furniture to credit cards. So excuse us if we don’t feel bad about using the last page of our 1968 issue to help fund a socialist magazine.

We’re been really busy at Jacobin in the past few months. Beyond this print edition, we’ve continued publishing online articles, expanded our “Jacobin Radio” network of podcasts, and built our scholarly journal Catalyst into a force of its own. We also just relaunched Africa Is a Country, the best online magazine around covering African politics and culture. Plus, in the coming months, we’re helping support editions of Jacobin in other languages, and even backing a feature-length documentary about socialism.

How have we been able to do so much? Quite simply, we’ve gained subscribers to Jacobin and our subscribers have been loyal enough to consistently donate to the project. Your subscription helps us stay afloat, your donations fund expansions.

With over a dozen staff, Jacobin has come a long way since I was running it by myself as a college student seven years ago. But I suspect we’re still falling well short of our potential. Millions around the world are looking for alternatives to the discredited politics of the neoliberal center and the backward appeals of the reactionary right. Socialists have the potential to reach them with writing, video, and audio meant not just for passive consumption, but for active engagement.

We’ve tried to foster that spirit through our reading groups, but all told, Jacobin reaches hundreds of thousands of people, not the hundreds of millions to whom the socialist appeal should connect.

Perhaps we never will, but for the rest of the decade, at least, we’re poised to take on more ambitious projects. And maybe we’ll help advance our ideas enough to pave the way for the kind of left-wing media that doesn’t exist today but desperately needs to.

For now though, you’re stuck with us. Whether you love Jacobin or merely tolerate it, please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. You can do so online at or by check to Jacobin Foundation, 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217.