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Socialism Is Love

Just for Valentine's Day, copies of The ABCs of Socialism are $5.

It’s hard to spin Valentine’s Day as a revolutionary holiday — trust us, we try and fail every year. It’s even harder to delve into debates about what love would look like under socialism.

Needless to say, socialism is about solving our animal problems, not all of our human ones. There will still be angst and heartbreak in a socialist society — but the everyday struggle to survive, the exploitation and hierarchy that mark the world today, will be a thing of the past. It will be a world where people can reach their fullest potential. In that sense, as Max Romeo put it, socialism is love.

So we’re going to help you share your socialism with the world. Just this week, copies of The ABCs of Socialism, our beautiful full-color book meant to introduce socialism to a new generation, are only $5.

The ABCs of Socialism is packed with dozens of illustrations by Phil Wrigglesworth and essays answering at least some of your burning questions.