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Jacobin Is Six Years Old!

If you think this was not an entirely terrible idea, read this note.

When Jacobin was launched six years ago we had no resources to speak of — just a political commitment to making socialist ideas accessible to as large an audience as possible.

Our first print issue was read by dozens, not hundreds, of people. We were even impressed that our first day of web traffic cracked 529 unique visitors.

Today, we stand at almost 20,000 subscribers and reach a million people every month on our website.

It’s still not much, given the scale of the problems facing the world and how weak and fragmented the Left still is today. But we have a commitment to keep striving and struggling to put forward the ideas that will one day inspire the movements that will liberate humanity (from at least a few of our problems).

Jacobin’s success has been made possible by the dedicated work of our editors and writers and an explosion of interest among a new generation in socialist ideas. We’re proud that our subscribers don’t just passively read Jacobin, they attend our reading groups, join socialist organizations, and consider themselves part of a movement with a rich past and a promising future.

And there is so much more more we want to do. We want to reprint our Class Action booklet to support the struggle of teachers in Chicago and elsewhere. We want to get our stories out to a larger audience, and in particular capture the imaginations of the millions who were energized by the Bernie Sanders campaign and new social movements.

To expand struggles for democracy and justice, we need a vibrant socialist left. By bringing principled socialist politics to new and broader audiences, Jacobin is vital to that effort.

We don’t often ask you for money, but to celebrate our sixth birthday and the hopefully dozens more to come, please help sustain our work with a tax-deductible donation. They can be made online or by check to Jacobin Foundation, 388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217.

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