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How “Market Reforms” Hobbled Bulgaria’s Response to COVID-19

Even before the pandemic, Bulgaria’s public health system had been wrecked by privatization. Now suffering among the world’s highest COVID mortality rates, Bulgaria provides a case study in how “market reforms” hobble public infrastructure and suck skilled workers from the European Union’s poorest countries to its richest.

Thank You, Pablo Iglesias

Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias has announced his retirement. Over the last decade, he brought the radical left to the heart of Spanish politics — but its challenge to the establishment ultimately fell short.

The Legacy of Bobby Sands and the 1981 Hunger Strike

Forty years ago today, the death of the Irish Republican Army’s Bobby Sands inspired protests all over the world and sent Sinn Féin on a path toward its current position of strength in Ireland. Whether Sands himself would have approved of that journey is anyone’s guess.