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Happy 100th Birthday to the Communist Party of Australia

In 1920, a small group of socialists met in Sydney to found the Communist Party of Australia. They fought for a world free of exploitation and built on solidarity. They failed in their ultimate goals. But a century later, we remember their legacy of struggle and the real accomplishments of the workers’ movement in Australia.

Nationalize Walmart

Walmart is the largest private-sector employer in the United States, and it’s an important source of low-cost groceries for consumers around the country. It also pays poverty wages, busts unions, and drives economic inequality. Luckily, there is an economically viable route to solving those ills: bring the megacorporation under public ownership.

“The Residents in My District Don’t Have the Luxury of Incremental Change”

Democratic Socialists of America–backed candidate Omar Fateh scored an upset primary victory and will almost certainly represent the Minnesota State Senate district where George Floyd was killed. We talked with Fateh about the working-class agenda he put forward, why he’s a democratic socialist, and how Floyd’s killing transformed the political landscape.

Bernie Sanders Would Make a Very Good Secretary of Labor

Bernie Sanders is reportedly making a bid to be the secretary of labor in a potential Biden administration. That’s good news. The labor secretary has broad latitude to raise worker standards — and Bernie could use the bully pulpit to declare that all workers will have the full backing of the federal government if they organize on the job.

Poland Is in Revolt Against Its New Abortion Ban

Last Friday, Poland's Constitutional Court banned almost all abortion, as part of a wider Catholic-conservative offensive against women's rights. But the ruling has already sparked strikes and blockades across Poland — and the working-class women least able to afford a clandestine abortion are leading the revolt.