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Lyndon LaRouche’s March to Nowhere

The crises and anxieties of our age gave Lyndon LaRouche a lot of material to work with, to create his theories and control his followers. Now, his aimless and contorted reign has come to an end.

“It’s Eco-Socialism or Death”

Cooperation Jackson leader Kali Akuno on the Green New Deal, the need for mass civil disobedience, and the necessity of building an internationalist movement for eco-socialism.

Who Calls the Shots

Italy’s far-right Matteo Salvini faces charges for the kidnapping of 177 migrants. But the supposedly anti-establishment Five Star Movement can block the trial — and probably will.

Denver Teachers Win Steps Forward

Striking Denver teachers reached a tentative contract agreement this morning. Though they did not achieve all of their demands, Denver’s educators have wrested important gains from school privatizers — and shown once again the power of teachers withholding their labor.

Socialism Is Love

Chocolate and flowers are cliche and socialism is love. For Valentine's Day, subscriptions start at just $14!