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Australia’s Left Is Breaking Through

The Australian election saw historic defeats for the Right and its backers in the Murdoch media. But the Labor Party can't change the country without fighting for a robust, progressive economic agenda.

How Amazon Invented “Plat-Fordism”

Market ideologues paint Amazon as a model of a flexible, networked platform capitalism. Yet Amazon’s growth has revitalized parts of the Fordism that Silicon Valley claimed to have overcome — including the rise of an organized blue-collar workforce.

The Commodification of Jean-Michel Basquiat

When he was alive, Jean-Michel Basquiat’s iconic art leveled a powerful opposition to inequality and racism. Since his death, his work has been co-opted, emptied of all political content, and commodified to be sold as an image of New York’s vanishing cool.

A Loyal CIA Operative’s Mind Is Not a Pretty Place

Longtime CIA operative Ric Prado just published a memoir. From training murderous right-wing paramilitaries to complaining about “hellholes” the world over, it’s shockingly candid — but the content is hardly surprising to anyone familiar with US foreign policy.

Joe Biden Has Botched the Summit of the Americas

The United States is excluding Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua from the forthcoming Summit of the Americas. Washington probably wasn’t expecting that much of Latin America, led by Mexico’s Andrés Manuel López Obrador, would publicly push back in response.

Australian Voters Have Demanded Action on Climate Change

Thanks to its stubborn inaction on climate change, the conservative coalition was trounced in this weekend’s election in Australia. With Greens and independents set to hold the balance of power, it’s time for the climate movement to step up its demands.