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Why the UAW Lost Again in Chattanooga

The UAW’s continued defeats in the South are not a reflection of the workers who live there — but the result of anti-union smear campaigns and the union’s shallow organizing approach.

Socialism or Extinction

A new report says that human action is driving one million plant and animal species to extinction. But it’s not just any human action: it’s the choices of a tiny minority of wealthy and powerful people.

Strikes Still Get the Goods

There are four important things to know about strikes in the public sector: strikes must be central to public-sector union strategy, workers need to be willing to strike even if it means breaking labor law, building community support is crucial, and strikes can defeat the Right’s privatization offensive.

Profiles in Triangulation

Centrist Democrats have always postured as bold realists dispensing hard-headed truths. But there’s nothing bold or courageous about deferring to corporate interests instead of your progressive base.

The European Left Needs a Vision of the Future

The European Union remains steeped in crisis, and yet the challenge from the radical left looks weaker than ever. Popular discontent doesn’t automatically lead to positive change: it has to be galvanized around a realistic alternative.