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The End of ETA

For more than four decades, ETA waged an armed campaign for a Basque homeland. The group’s dissolution this spring marked the end of a history of terrorist violence and bloody state repression.

The Fact-Checkers Are Clueless

CNN's Jake Tapper is the latest mainstream journalist to attack Bernie Sanders's Medicare-for-All plan. And just like all the others, his fact-checking is an absolute joke.

Ninety-Minute Nationalists

Yugoslavia’s communists recruited so many football players that some even joined the partisans while still wearing their kits. But today, football in the Balkans is famous for its far-right extremism.

You Won’t Evict Us

Ireland’s government admits that housing prices are out of control. But its inaction has forced renters to stand up to landlords for themselves.

Beyond Kinder, Gentler Capitalism

Elizabeth Warren wants to rein in capitalism's excesses. But when those excesses are baked into the system, we can't rein them in — we have to scrap the whole thing.

In the Trenches

Critics claim democratic socialism is pie-in-the-sky idealism. But socialists have always been at the core of reform struggles.

A Blueprint for Calling the Question

Politicians are paying attention to socialists these days. We should compel candidates to adopt pro-worker laws, pick fights with business, and talk openly about class conflict.