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Remembering the Battle of Wood Green

Forty-two years ago today, antifascists beat back a violent, far-right mob that had descended on a diverse neighborhood of North London. Among the antifascist organizers was a young Labour councillor named Jeremy Corbyn.

Defend Your Class

Harvard students weren't big fans of Bernie Sanders in last night's CNN town hall. Of course they weren't. Elite Ivy Leaguers know which side they're on — and it's not Bernie's.

Rebelling Against Climate Death

For all its flaws, Extinction Rebellion's direct actions against climate change are growing in popularity and pissing off the right people. We should support them.

Not In Labor

With meager public support for parents, US women are having fewer children than ever. Raising the next generation is work — and American women seem to be on strike.

No Silver Bullets

Grassroots organizing has pushed the Green New Deal from a leftist pipe dream to the center of US politics in just a few months. That activist energy is key to ensuring strong climate legislation doesn't get watered down on its way to implementation.

Palestinians Built Israel

Palestinians were not simply displaced and occupied by Israel — Palestinian workers’ superior skills and cheap labor has always been central to the building the physical environment of Israel.

An Ode to Sanitation Workers

Without them, the factories would stop, the cities would empty, and civilization itself would collapse. An appreciation of sanitation workers — our whole lives depend on them.