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“This City Is Ours, Too”

Chicago teachers are on strike today. A high school teacher explains to us why the strike is the union’s best tool to fight for better conditions in the city’s schools and an end to austerity.

Green Investing Is a Sham

Everywhere you look, the wealthy and powerful are touting “green investing” as a way to fight climate change. It’s not — it’s just a scheme to make some rich people even richer.

Catalan Democracy Behind Bars

The long prison sentences for the organizers of Catalunya’s outlawed independence referendum are just the latest sign of Spain’s repressive turn. The Catalan crisis has brought the state’s authoritarian impulses to the surface — and set a terrible precedent for criminalizing dissent.

Chicago Looks to Strike

The Chicago Teachers Union has established itself as a union that fights for the entire working class. In striking tomorrow, the union’s strategy is about solidarity — not only within their own union, but with SEIU Local 73, whose members earn poverty wages and are also walking off the job.

Where Elizabeth Warren’s New Votes Are Coming From

Elizabeth Warren is up in the polls lately. Where is her new support coming from? A look at the polls shows she is drawing from Biden's supporters and perhaps from undecided and lower-ranked candidates — but not Bernie Sanders's supporters.