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The Pandemic Alone Can’t Transform Capitalism

COVID-19 has caused unprecedented disruption to the world economy, shining a harsh light on the frailties of global capitalism. But there won’t be a progressive paradigm shift coming out of the crisis without a dramatic upsurge of collective action.

The United States Is Meddling in Haiti Yet Again

There’s little doubt the US helped install Haiti’s new prime minister following the assassination of the country’s president. So here we are again: the US is arrogantly shaping Haiti’s affairs rather than allowing Haitians to rule themselves.

Black Widow Could’ve Been Worse

Black Widow is a dumb movie that recycles the same Russophobic Cold War narrative Hollywood has been using for years. But it’s just dopey enough and supplies just enough laughs that I couldn’t be mad at it.

We Need a Movement Against Vaccine Apartheid

Vaccine apartheid has built a giant variant factory that threatens us all — and it's caused by private ownership of pharmaceutical production and the indifference of Western governments. We need a movement demanding an end to it.