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UAW Members Have Voted for Democracy in Their Union

The United Auto Workers is one of America’s most important unions. It has long been hobbled by an autocratic internal culture and widespread corruption. The members’ vote in favor of a direct voting system to elect leadership could change that.

Canadian News Media Is Dominated by Corporate Lobbyists

An investigation carried out by Ricochet in collaboration with Jacobin finds Canadian TV panels are dominated by lobbyists. These corporate pundits are treated as impartial talking heads, but they’re actually part of an effort to defend Canadian capitalists.

Will Smith Is Stunning in King Richard

Based on the true story of Venus and Serena Williams’s coach and father, King Richard shows us the toll racism took on a generation of black men — but also the fight it inspired in them.

Chile Is Still in the Midst of a Political Revolution

Three decades after Augusto Pinochet’s fall, Chile stands at the precipice of electing a socialist president and reordering its political system. But the achievement of genuine democracy in the birthplace of neoliberalism is far from guaranteed.