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Stop Shopping At Stop & Shop

In one of the biggest private-sector strikes in years, tens of thousands of Stop & Shop supermarket workers have walked off the job throughout New England. The strike wave that started last year in West Virginia has finally hit the private sector.

Weimar Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu won reelection by outflanking Israel’s far right. If you listen closely, you can hear the rumble of fascism approaching.

AOC Is Right About Aid to Israel

Israel regularly violates human rights, murders journalists, and is now becoming part of a global far-right alliance. Cutting aid to the country should be “on the table” — to say the least.

How the Other Half Goes to College

Rich parents bribing their kids' way into elite schools shows how college admissions is anything but a meritocracy. But the flipside is how poor and working-class kids face barrier after barrier to attending higher education at all, as this advisor to first-generation college students explains.

Workers Should Be in Charge

Every day, private equity companies snatch up firms and strip them dry. But there’s an alternative: allow workers to buy their workplace and run it themselves.