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Jo Swinson Is Not Your Friend

Brexit is giving the Lib Dems the opportunity to rebrand as a reforming, progressive party. But they're still a force for privilege and austerity. New leader Jo Swinson will only make matters worse.

Man and Stuberman

Kumail Nanjiani’s new Uber-based buddy flick, Stuber, says a lot about woke masculinity, economic precarity, and the death of the old-school "taxi movie." It’s also not very good.

Freedom of Speech for Palestine Solidarity Activists

Defenders of Israel’s human rights abuses frequently attack critics for supposedly suppressing freedom of speech. But as the recent controversy at Williams College shows, it’s Palestine solidarity activists who face the highest risks when they speak out.

How Finance Exploits Us

The new era of financial capitalism, with its explosion of household debt and its dependence on complex derivatives, has caused fundamental changes in the way capital exploits labor.