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A Movement With a Future

The gilets jaunes movement has presented a vision of France beyond Emmanuel Macron's neoliberalism. Anticapitalists have to push it even further.

The Bronx Slave Market

Ella Baker, the great socialist and civil rights organizer, was born this day in 1903. Here's her classic 1935 article on economic exploitation and black domestic workers in Great Depression–era New York.

Ulysses S. Grant: American Giant

Ron Chernow’s new biography rehabilitates the great Civil War general and champion of Reconstruction. But it glosses over the central issues of labor and property that would stifle black equality for a century.

Marc Lamont Hill Is Not Alone

Professor Marc Lamont Hill’s job was threatened because he spoke up on behalf of Palestinian rights. He’s just the latest victim in a nationwide wave of censorship and repression aimed at the Palestine solidarity movement — but the movement is fighting back.

Run, Bernie, Run

You could listen to the pundits, or you could listen to your heart. Bernie Sanders should run for president.

The Honduran Nightmare

Among the migrants amassed at the southern border are thousands of victims of the 2009 Honduran coup — a coup legitimized and shored up by the United States.

Bernie’s Plan for Racial Justice

The micro-scandals alleging that Bernie Sanders doesn’t take racism seriously won't end any time soon. We should call them what they are: cynical attacks on a politician whose commitment to racial justice is intertwined with fighting economic inequality.