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There’s No Substitute for Mass Working-Class Parties

Robert Michels developed his “iron law of oligarchy” after seeing the bureaucratization of the early socialist movement. His warnings are relevant today — but the path to social transformation still runs through building mass, working-class political parties.

Doughnut Economics Has a Hole at Its Core

Amsterdam has become the first city to adopt Kate Raworth’s “doughnut economics,” a faddish call to change our economic priorities. But doughnut economics fails to confront the power relations that stop the economy from serving most people’s needs.

The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Luxemburg is an icon of the socialist movement who died a martyr’s death in 1919. But she was also a brilliant and highly original political thinker whose ideas about capitalism and how to oppose it are strikingly relevant to today’s world.

Canada’s Far Right Is More of a Threat Than You Think

The good news is that Canada’s far-right party was shut out of Parliament in this week’s federal election. The bad news is that the People’s Party still tripled its vote and is now in a position to exert a dangerous influence on the political mainstream.