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I Am Free — but Turkey Is Not

Max Zirngast, the Jacobin contributor jailed for several months in Turkey, was acquitted on all charges last week. Here, in his first English-language article since the ruling, he reflects on the trial, the repressive state of Turkish politics — and why he’ll keep fighting for democracy and socialism.

“War Creates Its Own Weather”

Democratic socialist Tom Gallagher is primarying Nancy Pelosi, with a focus on America’s disastrous foreign policy of endless war. In a world without capitalism, he says, “we could eliminate a lot of military spending and war.”

Workers and Renters of the World, Unite!

Although unions seek higher wages from employers, much of that extra pay goes straight to the landlords. To build workers’ power, we need decommodified and democratically controlled land and housing.

Ending the “Independent Contractor” Misclassification Sham

Misclassifying workers as independent contractors hurts workers and enriches bosses, and is central to the business strategy of companies like Uber and Lyft. California state legislators passed AB 5 this week to stop this exploitative model. It’s a victory that must be defended from Uber and Lyft’s fightback.

No Hugs for Rahm

Former Chicago mayor and Obama staffer Rahm Emanuel was a featured commentator during Thursday’s Democratic debate. It was, unsurprisingly, completely terrible.

How Medicare for All Looks From Britain

The terrifying experience of getting sick on a visit to America reminded me why Brits cherish our National Health Service. The NHS doesn’t just make the United Kingdom healthier — it creates a spirit of equality that changes people's entire mentality about health care.