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Kurt Hackbarth is a writer, playwright, freelance journalist, and the cofounder of the independent media project “MexElects.” He is currently coauthoring a book on the 2018 Mexican election.

They Got Filthy Rich off Cocaine Trafficking and Killed Leftists. Now AMLO Must Make Them Pay.

In Mexico, the “war on drugs” was never about drugs at all, but about repressing social movements, smashing unions, and creating a shock-doctrine atmosphere for conservative governments to privatize pensions, health services, and the oil sector. The AMLO administration must dismantle the narco-state.

Against the Odds, AMLO Has Made Gains in His First Year

It’s been a year since Andrés Manuel López Obrador took power in Mexico. Against the odds, his administration has won a host of important progressive victories. But it’ll need to do more to withstanding pressure from Washington and the more conservative parts of the MORENA coalition.