7 Articles by: Denis Rogatyuk

Denis Rogatyuk is a journalist at El Ciudadano, a writer, contributor, and researcher with a number of publications including Jacobin, Tribune, Le Vent Se Leve, Senso Comune, the GrayZone, and others.

The Way to Defeat Authoritarian Power Grabs Is Mass Mobilization in the Streets

The protests and occupation of the US Capitol yesterday are a small taste of the kind of brazenly undemocratic power grabs the authoritarian right has executed in countries like Bolivia. Regardless of what actions Trump and his supporters take to cling to power, the response of the Left, labor, and the millions of anti-fascists across the US and world should be the same: mass, ongoing mobilizations opposing them.

The Killing of Orlando Gutiérrez Shows the Violent Threat to Bolivian Democracy

Victory for socialist candidate Luis Arce in last month's Bolivian election seemed to turn the page on the overthrow of Evo Morales last fall. But the murder of miners' leader Orlando Gutiérrez just after the election shows that the coup plotters are still a violent threat — and will do all they can to silence working-class Bolivians.

Andrés Arauz Is Refusing to Let Neoliberals Bury Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution

After a sustained campaign of judicial persecution, Lenín Moreno’s increasingly unpopular government has barred former president Rafael Correa from running in February’s elections. But radical economist and presidential candidate Andrés Arauz is pushing ahead with his bid to continue Correa’s Citizens’ Revolution — standing defiant against moves to block the Left from standing.

“Bolivia’s Coup President Will End up Fleeing the Palace in a Helicopter”

Faced with the Left’s lead in the polls, coup-installed president Jeanine Áñez has suspended Bolivia’s election for the third time. The COB trade union federation has responded with a general strike and road blockades around Bolivia — showing that the country’s mighty social movements will not allow an illegitimate regime to continue clinging to power.

Ecuador’s Neoliberal Government Is Trying to Ban Rafael Correa from the 2021 Elections

Former president Rafael Correa is Ecuador’s most popular politician — yet Lenín Moreno’s government is trying to ban his party from standing in next year’s elections. Faced with a mass uprising against IMF-backed reforms and disgust at his mishandling of COVID-19, president Moreno is using phony lawsuits to thwart the democratic process.