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Andrew Perez is a writer and researcher living in Maine.

The GOP’s Wealthy Funders Want You to Forget Their Role in Stoking Wednesday’s Riot at the Capitol

Corporate-backed conservative groups like the US Chamber of Commerce, the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, and companies like Chevron have all issued statements decrying Wednesday’s occupation of the Capitol — without acknowledging the role they played in helping elect the politicians who egged on and fueled the attempt to overturn the presidential election.

Senate Democrats Could Have Defied Mitch McConnell on $2,000 Checks. They Chose Not to.

Democrats and Beltway pundits helped Mitch McConnell undermine Bernie Sanders’s push for direct aid to millions of Americans facing eviction, starvation, and bankruptcy through $2,000 checks. Even for a party that is constantly disappointing, Democrats’ complete capitulation to McConnell and austerity ideology was shockingly pathetic.