We’re Doing Seven Live Videos This Week

From discussing what a socialist economy could look like in the 21st century to why we should be wary of "woke neoliberalism" to Matt Bruenig on the Nordic model and more – we're doing a ton of live videos this week. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and tune in!

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Socialist politics is built on mass rallies, strikes, and door-knocking. But since we’re all practicing physical distancing, we decided to release a ton of live videos this week, to keep your informed and entertained.

Today, we have Towards Freedom author Touré Reed on why liberal antiracism isn’t enough, and why we should watch out for “woke neoliberalism.”

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Here’s the Schedule for This Week

Mon, April 6: Michael Lighty on what’s next in the struggle for Medicare for All, and why a public option isn’t enough.

Tues, April 7: Touré Reed on the pitfalls of liberal antiracism and woke neoliberalism.

Weds, April 8: David Calnitsky: There is a fully socialist economic model that can work in the 21st century.

Thurs, April 9: Cea Weaver on why every progressive should be supporting universal rent control.

Fri, April 10: “Bernie Sanders, South Carolina, and Black Voters” with Adolph Reed, Cedric Johnson, Willie Legette, and Michael Brooks.

Sat, April 11: The debut of “Weekends with Ana Kasparian and Michael Brooks,” our new weekly YouTube show [1pm EDT]

Sat, April 11: Matt Bruenig: How the Nordic model works, and why you should care [6pm EDT]