A Vital Project

Ahead of the Chicago teachers strike, we're reprinting Class Action: An Activist Teacher's Handbook — but only with your help.

Katrina Ohstrom / Jacobin

The Chicago Teachers Union strike in 2012 was the most important domestic labor struggle of the twenty-first century. And with a recent strike authorization vote, it looks likely teachers in the city will once again take action to defend their students’ right to a decent public education and working-class Chicago’s right to decent lives.

To mark the occasion and support struggles against education reform, we are producing a new print run of Class Action: An Activist Teacher’s Handbook.

Class Action was designed as a tool for those engaged in public education struggles around the country. Thousands were used as educational tools at faculty reading groups, tabled with as a fundraising tool by teacher organizations, and passed freely at community events and protests.

We first released Class Action in 2014 as a joint project with Chicago Teacher Union’s CORE Caucus. Now we’re partnering with Haymarket Books, who will help get this small book into bookstores across the country.

We’re so grateful for the help of CORE and Haymarket. But we need your help, too.

Can you donate to get this important tool into the hands of more teachers?

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